5 Reasons Why To Sell Your House In Winter In Roseburg

The winter months bring cold and wet weather to our area but there are 5 reasons to sell your house in Winter in Roseburg. According to the November market action RMLS report in Douglas County pending sales and closed sales both decreased over 14% from October 2021 to November 2021.

This statistic shows a glimpse into the winter real estate market. November New listings were at 153 for Douglas County a small 2.5% decrease from October 2021. So the inventory level (1.6 months in November) is still around its yearly average.

That is why selling your house in winter in Roseburg can be a great decision.

Sellers can capitalize on the already low inventory by listing or keeping your home on the market in the winter. Buyers that need to purchase are still out there which can be to the seller’s advantage.

1. Colder months = Less Competition

During the spring and summer, the market is flooded with more people looking to sell their home. Less people desire to move during the winter which is shown in the decrease in pending and closed sales.

There are typically less homes for sale during the winter so therefore there are less houses available to buy, meaning less competition. Those who still want to buy are still looking as the limited supply has made it a seller’s market.

2. Show off your homes winter coziness

Selling in the winter allows you to show that your home can handle the rain and cold.

Homes with fireplaces can be especially appealing during the cold winter months. Who doesn’t want to curl up next to a warm fireplace? Also, as winter provides less hours of daylight a hot tub can provide entertainment and a break from the cold.

3. Winter Brings Out People Who Want to Buy

The winter months seem to remove people who may just be looking and not actually serious about buying. During the winter when there typically is less inventory, those people who are looking are trying to take advantage of less demand as they don’t want to wait for a more competitive time in the market.

The cold seems to take out those who are just curiously looking.

4. End of Year Bonuses

December is the month when end-of-year bonuses, raises, and reviews take place which means people could be in a better position around this time of year to buy a house.

Also, those people retiring around this time of year could be receiving a big payout and might be looking to move or buy a different house.

5. Prices are up significantly from 2020

If you’re looking to take advantage of the increase in housing prices 2021 was a very good year for that. When comparing 2021 to 2020 through November, the average sale price in Douglas County has increased 18.2% from $270,400 to $319,600.

Now is a great time to sell to capitalize on the growth that the real estate market has seen in recent years. Mortgage interest rates may be on the rise in 2022 which could also slow down this competitive market.


These are the 5 reasons to sell your house in winter in Roseburg!

All of these reasons make it a great time to sell your house in Roseburg. If you don’t know where to start or feeling overwhelmed, talk to someone at the G Team about selling your home, you can call us at (541) 595-8326 or fill out the form below.

If you are a buyer or seller in this winter market, we can help you sell or find the right house for your situation.

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