February Residential Highlights:
There were 142 new listings in February 2020, an increase from February 2019 (128) and 20.7% fewer than last month in January 2020 (179). Pending sales (151) increased 15.3% from February 2019 (131) and and decreased 6.2% from last month January 2020 when 161 offers were accepted. Closed sales (115) increased 13.9% from February 2019 (101) and held steady with the 115 closings recorded last month in January 2020.
Inventory and Time on Market:
Inventory in February fell slightly to 3.5 months, with total market time increasing to 100 days.
Year to Date Summary:
Comparing the first two months of 2020 to the same period in 2019, new listings (323) increased 5.2%, pending sales (303) increased 13.1% and closed sales (234) increased 17.0%.
Average and Median Sales Prices:
Comparing January 2020 to January 2019, the average sale price has decreased 12.3% from $262,900 to $230,500. In the same comparison, the median sale price has decreased 9.5% from $242,500 to $219,500.
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*Inventory in Months is calculated by dividing the Active Residential Listings at the end of the month in question by the number of closed sales for that month. This number includes proposed and under construction homes. 
Video Transcription

Hey everybody Tracy Grubbs here with the G team at Exp Real Estate. It’s a gorgeous day outside. You can see the sky’s blue here in Roseburg and it’s a wonderful day here. It definitely feels like spring is on the way so that’s exciting. So just wanted to talk to you a little bit about a market update going on here in Douglas County. We just had our market action report come out this week and new listings and pending sales are up over last year. So, year over year we’re seeing more and more activity with new listings, new pending sales, more closings, higher sales prices. And we’re still fighting a very low inventory of about three and a half months here in Douglas County so we really need more homes to sell. A lot of sellers are holding off on listing homes because they can’t find a place to move to so we’re really fighting that and contending for more inventory.

So if you are thinking about selling at all now is such a fantastic time. Of course rates are at historic lows, we say that all the time but it seems like every month that goes by we’re at another low. In fact I’ve seen just this week one of my VA lender partners is quoting VA rates under 3% so I can’t imagine another time that rates have been so low especially for VA loans. So as you know my husband Brian and I do like to specialize in helping veteran home buyers and home sellers make purchases or sell properties here in Roseburg and we’re really passionate about serving those clients. And the interest rates right now are just incredible so what a great opportunity both to buy and sell.

Buyers who are looking for homes are taking advantage of these really low rates and sellers who need to sell are selling quickly because buyers are finding less on the market to choose from. So everything in terms of the market is going well here in Douglas County. I would encourage you to check in with us, see what we can do for you. And if you’re a veteran of course we would love to help you and make sure you get the best value on the home you purchase or the best price on the home you sell. Give us a call any time. You can see our phone number right down here. And you can always visit us on our website to at Hope you’ve enjoyed this market update. Have a great day and enjoy the sun.

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