My Favorite Swimming Areas near Roseburg

Summer Fun at the River

Growing up in Roseburg has its perks during the summer months.  When I was in grade school, I loved it when my parents would load us up to go swimming. I have so many different swimming holes flooding my memory right now! Let’s start at a creek that feeds into the North Umpqua River. East of Roseburg, just past the tiny town of Idleyld Park you’ll take a left and head up Rock Creek Rd. The first swimming area you come to is Millpond Park, featuring a day use area, campground, and is also a popular wedding venue. This swimming area is also good for the little guys and gals. You could easily wade across the creek, but it is also deep enough in some areas to jump off of a rock or two.

The next spot is just up the road from Millpond Park, called Rock Creek Campground. This is a nice little campground with a swimming area.  I camped here as a kid and spent a lot of time searching for crawdads in the swimming area. Like Millpond, it’s perfect for the younger kids. Beyond Rock Creek Campground are several additional swimming holes that are deep and private. They can be hard to spot but definitely worth a day of adventuring.

After Rock Creek my next favorite swimming area is Cavitt Creek Falls. Located off of Little River Road in the Glide area, this recreation site is a favorite among the locals. It’s a large pool with a six to twelve-foot rock jump, and several pools to just relax and listen to the waterfall. If you only had enough time to go swimming once or wanted to show an out of town guest a cool place to go, this is the place to take them for sure!

Headed back into Roseburg is Whistlers Bend Park. This park has a day use area and an overnight camping area with a nice stretch of the river to swim around in. The access to the river is gentle and kid friendly, and the campground is stretched along the bend of the river. This is also home to a 27-disc golf course that is among the best in the state!

Just north of Roseburg in the Winchester area you will find Amacher Park, which is also a campground and day use area with several different swimming areas. A hot spot for local river floaters in the heat of the summer, they start a six-hour river float at Amacher and end up at River Forks Park. Make sure you take plenty of sunscreen on this trip, you’ll definitely need it through sunburn alley!

Floating the river was always a good time when I was younger. Some of my most fond childhood memories was spending a hot summer day at one of these local swimming areas. If you don’t want to float, you could always go to River Forks Park and swim on the sandy beach or play with the kids at the playground.

There are many other local favorites in Roseburg, Myrtle Creek, Sutherlin, Winston and Glide. If you’re planning a move to Roseburg, I welcome you! I hope that I have also encouraged you to venture out and enjoy some of the many beautiful bodies of water we have in the Umpqua Valley!  

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